7 UI Trends 2023: A Hilariously Awesome Look into the Future of Design

3 min readMay 22, 2023

Welcome, fellow readers who love technology, design, and trends! Prepare yourself for a thrilling voyage through the fascinating UI trends of 2023. As we examine the newest design trends, brace yourself to say, “Whoa, that’s wicked cool!” So grab a coffee, don your cool VR goggles, and let’s embark on this hilariously wonderful adventure!

Interfaces for augmented reality (AR): The Future Is Right Before Your Eyes!
Imagine yourself relaxing in your living room when all of a sudden, your preferred AR interface appears. It’s like your craziest desires have become reality! You can make digital material come to life using AR interfaces, enhancing and transforming your interactions. So be ready to live your heroic fantasy right from the comfort of your sofa.

Variable Fonts and Typography: Embrace the Fontastic Revolution!
We all adore typography, but let’s be honest: sometimes it seems like picking a typeface is a decision that will change your entire life. I present variable typefaces! By enabling you to modify and alter typefaces to your whims, these mystical beings provide limitless possibilities. It’s like a font genie who will fulfil all of your typographic wishes. Variable fonts have got you covered whether you want to be daring or delicate!

Biometric Gestures: Wave Hello to the Future!
Your smartphone shouldn’t be unlocked with a fingerprint anymore. We’re stepping it up with biometric gestures in 2023. Imagine if your device recognises you by waving your hand in a secret pattern. Every time you need to use your phone, it seems like you have to do a magic act. Crack open the sesame! Prepare your magical device interactions to dazzle your guests.

Immersive mobile experiences: Your phone just received a major upgrade!
Why not make the experience epic since our cellphones have evolved into our dependable sidekicks? Prepare for incredible mobile interfaces that will take you to another world. Get ready for a mobile experience that’s out of this world, with stunning 3D animations that make your screen come to life and parallax scrolling that gives you the impression that you’re floating in space!

Voice and Conversational UI: Talk the Talk, Interact the Interact!
When you can engage in a full dialogue with your gadget, why use buttons? Voice and conversational UI will dominate in 2023. Laugh and joke around with your AI assistant while it obediently carries out your every request. It’s like having a personal comic at your disposal who can make a few jokes as you get things done. Tell me a joke, Alexa, as you’re booking my appointments!

Navigation with gestures: Just wave, shake, or swipe!
Embrace the beautiful realm of gesture-based interactions and wave goodbye to conventional navigation. To move across interfaces, you may wave your hands, shake your device, or gracefully slide your fingers. It’s similar to commanding an inaudible UI orchestra. Who needs buttons when you can walk about like a wizard performing spells? Welcome to navigation!


Infographics & Data Visualisation: Making Data Sexy, One Chart at a Time!
Data is useful, but let’s face it, it can also be a drag. But have no fear, infographics and data visualisation are come to rescue the day in 2023! Animated charts and interactive infographics that transform your data into a visual spectacular are a welcome replacement for boring spreadsheets.

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